• Suspension clamp J-hook type

    Suspension clamp J-hook type

    The suspension clamp is designed for the  installation and suspension of four core self-supporting  LV-ABC cables to poles or walls. •  The clamp is made of hot-dip galvanized steel and     weather resistant  material  •  Equipped with shear head bolt. The clamp can be easily   installed without damage to the cable insulation  •  No loose parts                   •  Standard: EN 50483-2   Catalog No. Suitable conductor JSC-1 4×16~35mm2 JSC-2 4×50~120mm2 JSC-3 4×50~70mm2...
  • XJG Series suspension clamps

    XJG Series suspension clamps

    XJG series is suitable for aerial electric wire suspension insulation conductor,it provides Hook type、hinge type and export type for users。
  • NYLON-suspension-clamp


    1A 1B suspension clamp are designed to suspend self supporting LV-ABC cable on the poles with the insulated neutral messenger. We are leading manufacturer of NFC Type Suspension Clamp and the process of manufacturing is injection moulding, material used is UV Resistant Glass Filled Nylon, advantages the product has that because it is made of plastic it is fully Insulated and also does not have any loose parts, cable can be gripped by adjustment of push type lever. Introduc...
  • Aluminium anchoring clampPA-1500-2000

    Aluminium anchoring clampPA-1500-2000

    Introduction Tension clamp is used for corner, connection, and terminal connection.Spiral aluminum clad steel wire has strong tensile strength, no concentrated stress, and plays a role in protecting and auxiliary shock absorption of optical cable.The whole set of fiber optic cable tensioning equipment includes: tensioning pre – stranded wire, supporting connection equipment.The cable grip force is not less than 95% of the rated tensile strength of the cable. The installation is convenie...
  • wedge type and insulation cover( NXL )

    wedge type and insulation cover( NXL )

    Application NXL series wedge type tensioning wire clamp is suitable for 20kV and below distribution lines, the overhead insulated aluminum conductor or bare conductor is fixed on the insulation of the corner or terminal tensioning rod, so as to fix or tighten the overhead conductor, insulation cover and tensioning wire clamp matching use, play the role of insulation protection. Structure feature 1.  Choose the unmagnetic character high-intersity oxidation resistance aluminum alloy ,no waste e...
  • pull rod type(NXJ  )

    pull rod type(NXJ )

    Application NXJL series is suitable for fixing and tensioning overhead insulated aluminum core wires (JKYL) with insulator strings at the end or both ends of tensioning section of 1-10kV and below.Products according to wire specifications are equipped with different plastic wedge core.   Structure feature The shell made of anti-oxidate high strength aluminum alloy,without waste power The core of wedge made of insulating reinforce plastic,have good insulation Not remove the insulation la...
  • NXJG Series insulation strain clamp (wedge type)

    NXJG Series insulation strain clamp (wedge type)

    Application: The NXJ series is suitable for fixing and tensioned aerial insulated aluminum conductor (LKLYJ) with insulator string at both ends of terminal or tensioned segment of 20KV and below.The products are equipped with different plastic wedge cores according to wire specifications Structure feature: 1The shell is made of anti – oxidation high – strength aluminum alloy with no tape loss 2Wedge core is made of high strength engineering plastics with good insulation performa...
  • wedge type(NJJ )

    wedge type(NJJ )

    Application NJJ series wedge type insulation tensioning cable clamp is suitable for fixing and tensioning overhead insulated cables (JKLYJ) at the end or both ends of tensioning section of 1kV and below aluminum strand.   Structure feature The shell and the wedge core are made of high strength engineering plastic Cable without stripping the insulation,can be directly installed. Wedge structure,easy installing and reliable.   Xinwom is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the researc...
  • Arcing Horn ZHJ

    Arcing Horn ZHJ

    Overhead transmission line insulator parallel gaps (hereinafter referred to as the parallel gap, also calls the arcing horn) lightning protection at the core of the thought is in the range of allowable lightning trip-out rate, the clearance between device and insulator (string) in parallel, lightning flash flipping, gaps in the channel power frequency arc, protect the insulator from arc burning, improve the success rate of reclosing.This standard specifies the relevant technical conditions, t...
  • JJC series punctured cord grip

    JJC series punctured cord grip

    Structure feature ·Puncture structure ensures puncture pressure and easy installation ·Structure seal, anti-corrosion, long service life ·Low contact resistance, low temperature rise of wire clip ·Reducing wire connection, wide range of application ·Excellent insulation performance Specification Application of voltage Catalog No. Main wire Branch with Main dimensions(mm) Bolt No. Torque value L B H 1KV JJC1.5~25/1.5~10 1.5~25 1.5~10 45 27 60 1 1...
  • JB, JBL, JBT, JBTL series parallel groove clamp specific and insulation(1KV, 10KV, 20KV)

    JB, JBL, JBT, JBTL series parallel groove clamp specific and insulation(1KV, 10KV, 20KV)

    ● Application JB, JBL, JBT, JBTL series of special-shaped parallel channel clamp is suitable for the non-bearing connection and branch of conductors in overhead lines. It is used as protective insulation with insulation cover. ● Structure feature 1. Choose anti – oxidation aluminum alloy material 2. The parts are joined together without falling off during installation 3. The circular arc is held tightly in large area, and the conductor is not easy to creep ● Insulation cover performance...
  • Torque Terminals(BLMT Series)

    Torque Terminals(BLMT Series)

    1. Product overview Product name:Torque Terminals(BLMT series) Model representation method BLMT-□□/□□-□□ BLMT-diameter of mounting recess/suitable conductor range-product model 2. Application Torsion terminals are connectors used for connecting wires to equipment, mainly used for connecting insulated wires, aluminum wires, aluminum alloy wires, steel-core aluminum wires and copper wires at non-bearing positions. 3. Scope of application  Applicable leading line:25-240㎜². 4.Technical param...
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